Consultant services & Mingle & Share

We are a consultant company that specializes in software testing.

We also deliver Mingle & Share – the digital ingredient to your perfect event or party. No apps required, everything is handled by a QR code and the browser in your guests’ mobile phones. It’s a cloud based solution whenever you want to mingle and share snaps live and also to collect them  – as a bonus.

Company event

Award evening – 420 checked in guest.
Seating, dinner menu and live snaps shared during the spectacular evening program.


Wedding – 50 checked in guests.
Live snaps shared during the festive evening.

Private party

Eurovison song contest party – 20 checked in guests.
Voting features and live snaps shared during the glittery evening.


Loma Consulting helped us taking a professional step into digital solutions with high quality and support.

I am impressed how they turned ideas into reality by delivering a check-in solution with the additional functionality that we wanted for our event.

Loma Consulting delivered exceptional service, they are very responsive and incredibly solution oriented.

– Ines Grenander, Executive Assistant, Hilti


At our wedding our guests highly appreciated that they were able to share their pictures during the evening and also be able to see the pictures taken by other guests.

Caroline and Per Bering


At my graduation party I wanted a photo solution for my guests to be able to share pictures taken during the evening and show them on a big screen as a slide show. The solution was popular on my party and I’m impressed how fast Loma consulting were able to adapt their solution to my party.

Cecilia Foldén

Are you also looking for the digital ingredient to make your event perfect?